Saturday, January 21, 2012

Twitter Road Race

I signed up a few weeks ago for this wonderful virtual race organized by my blogger friend Doug. Little did I know that it would be snowing....and snowing....and snowing.... the day of the race. I took this right before I went out.

Seeing as how I don't own a treadmill and didn't want to run in place forever...I zipped up my snow boots and headed out into the storm. My awesome husband came along to take some photos for me.

Who knew that running in snow would be as bad as running in sand....holy cow my legs BE THROBBING right now. (Yes, I know that is not the best phrasing...but I don't care. Roll with me...)

I had a semi-cheap pedometer to keep track for me. Which I don't know for sure how well it did with running/walking through snow. However, it's all I had. I wanted to stay off the roads as much as possible since 1) The plows were coming and were a few cars 2) They haven't been treated with salt so they were icy and slick

I'd already got in a pre-run warm up with a mellow walk with Joe and our dog.
I wanted to make sure that I would be able to deal with the elements.

I won't lie...It was rough. My time was right around 62:05 It may have been a little more or a little less. It was too cold to keep checking the pedometer.

Notice that I ALMOST fall in this short clip. He couldn't have got me looking
all athletic and hardcore. I look like Phoebe on FRIENDS in this clip.

It's a beautiful winter wonderland outside though.


I did take a mid-5k break for a plank and a short photo op....

I wanted to show off my TWICE AS WARM hat. Everyone hop on over to their website
and getcha' one. I like my symbol to be off to the side a little because I'm quirky like that.

And it was back to running...and walking...and walking....
I won't lie, I walked quite a bit, but at a strong pace.

Joe snapped a few photos while I ran to the tree line and back....

I almost peeled off my heavy black coat. I was sweating pretty good. However, I was afraid that my sweaty clothes exposed to cold air would ruin me. (Sorry if that's too much information for ya.)

We decided to head back towards home once we were getting close to the race length.

When I stopped to check again I had surpassed 3.1 miles and Joe had the time at 62:05. We continued a block more to our house. LEGS ACHING.

A few days ago I timed in at 37 minutes for a 5k. So I added 25 minutes to my time. HA! However, I DID IT! Plus I got to get out in the snow and enjoy it all.

We saw a few kids along the way, and a parent or two supervising. Besides that, everyone was tucked away inside.

Now, I must get off the computer and enjoy the dinner that awaits me.

I also have to {add in} that the absolute BEST part of this that I got to get to know the other runners a little bit. It's funny that you can run a 5k right alongside a group and only talk to a few other people. This race, I got to talk to a few hundred and hear their journey. EPIC!

P.S. I love my 'tough' camera that Joe got me for Christmas. We didn't have to worry about it at all during all our festivities today. I dropped it in the worries. Love Love Love.


  1. Crystal - You're brave! And hilarious! My guess is you logged more than 3.1 miles.

  2. wow you ran in the snow!! That's amazing in it self!

  3. That is amazing! So impressed and very inspired! I to the V Y does it again!

  4. Way to go! I am so impressed that you got out there even in all that snow. Nice work!

  5. Great Job! The snow around my place was almost all melted, and slick in a few places. I'm writing a Twitter Road Race review on my blog too:
    I'm so impressed you went out into the should get bonus points for that!


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